local production fixer

There are small projects that don’t require much. If you don’t need enormous amount of gear, talent and crew, a local production fixer is what you’re looking for. When your hands are tied in a foreign country as you don’t know the language or which lane is the main one, NoMountain comes to help.

As a local fixer, I am here to take care of your research, location permits, logistics, communication with the locals and will help you hire the minimal equipment and crew. Or anything else that pops up beforehand or on the way. A production fixer can be an interpreter, driver, location manager, guide and sometimes even a caterer in one person.

local producer

Sometimes there are bigger projects with modest budgets. Local fixer is too little and full production service is out of budget. In such case NoMountain will come in handy with providing a local line producer service.

It means you can have your own local line producer in Lithuania. Taking all the heavy duties as a line producer usually does, but with a full local knowledge: from casting to permits to crew to equipment, etc. Having worked on dozens of projects as a service producer I perfectly know the right number to ring.

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