I am based in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, I can cover both Lithuania and Latvia as a local fixer and local producer. Being sister countries, Lithuania and Latvia perfectly complement each other in the variety of scenic locations. The locals are equally friendly for shooting crews, permits are equally quick to get and the languages are equally ungraspable. More, it is less than 4 hours drive between Vilnius and Riga which can make them a perfect match for productions.



  • Area 66 200 m3
  • Capital: Vilnius with a stunning UNESCO heritage old town
  • Currency: EURO
  • Time zone: GMT +2 (winter), GMT +3 (summer)
  • Climate: transitional between maritime and continental


  • Forests: ±34% of total area
  • Coastline: 99 km of Baltic sea shores
  • Water: around 3000 lakes; around 30 000 rivers and streams
  • Terrain: an alternation of moderate lowlands and highlands


  • Official language: Lithuanian
  • Other widely spoken languages: English and Russian
  • Ethnic distribution: 83,9% Lithuanian, 6,6% Polish, 5,4% Russian, 1,3% Belorussian, 2,8% other
  • Creed: 79% Roman Catholic. Other: Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim


  • 4 sites, incl. Vilnius Old Town and Curonian Spit


  • 300 km / 3-4 hrs end-to-end
  • A well developed road system throughout the country
  • International airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga
  • Ice-free seaport in Klaipėda


  • EU, NATO, World Bank, WTO, UN, WHO, Schengen Area and others.