Professional Fixer AND PRODUCER in Lithuania

Freelance specialist providing Local Fixer, Local Producer and related services for international film and stills productions in Lithuania.


Position: Freelance Service Producer
Director: Esteban
D.O.P: Erik Henriksson
Production: BIG (FR)
Service production: Magic

Position: Production Manager / Fixer
Director: Vytautas Puidokas
Executive producers: Frederik Nicolai, Lukas Trimonis
D.O.P: Kristina Sereikaitė
Production: Off World (BE)
Co-production: In Script (LT)
Written by: Vytautas Puidokas & Frederik Nicolai
Locations: Lithuania, Kaliningrad district (RU)

Position: Local Fixer
Client: NRK (NO)
Type: Journalistic reportages on Suwalki gap and international tensions
Final result:
Video reportage

Position: Freelance Service Producer
Director: Amara Abbas
D.O.P: Jacob Møller
Production: Iconoclast Germany (DE)
Service production: Magic

Position: Freelance Service Producer
Director: Taso Alexander
D.O.P: James Blann
Production: Black Sheep (UK)
Service production: Grandma Enterprise

Position: Freelance Service Producer
Director: Quentin Deronzier
D.O.P: Cezary Zacharewicz
Production: La Pac (FR)
Service production: Magic


local production fixer

Small and dynamic documentary or journalistic or projects of similar type. A pair of hands and a head to help you communicate and move around.

local producer

Small-scale productions. Your local head of production to hire local crew and equipment without rendering into full service responsibilities.