Vyras rudais plaukais su auskarais

About me

Vyras rudais plaukais su auskarais

Tadas Vaitmonas

I started my career in film production service more than a decade ago and got engaged in the motion pictures ever since.

My field of expertise spans over Commercial and Documentary films and stills production. Over the last decade I have been both freelancing and working for the most renowned production service companies in the region, and also directly providing Fixer services in international projects.

NoMountain is my personal brand established with the purpose of providing my services for international projects. Having a broad experience in a variety of positions in film and stills production, I mainly find myself as a Local Producer and a Local Fixer. To me, social skills and common sense lie at the core of our industry. Human interaction is the medium we filmmakers thrive at and it is the engine that drives me in this industry. Regardless the size and complexity of a project, my aim at all times is a combination of a fluent communication and a seamless process. Mixing the above with a flawless talent and persistent effort is the best ground for a perfect outcome.